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“With the city of Boston whitewashed in the throes of a mid-March blizzard – I cannot help but reminisce on last week’s stay-cation. How enjoyable it would be to relive that experience, the cozy interior and service of the five-star Boston Harbor Hotel and the wondrous journey through German Rieslings featured as part of their annual Boston Wine Festival.”  – Rachel Cossar  

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We often think all Rieslings are sweet.  Last week’s Boston Wine Festival dinner with Raimund Prüm of SA Prüm proved this notion to be entirely untrue.  The varieties of Rieslings is incredible and the tastes vary dramatically, with many of SA Prüm’s selections pairing best with red meat.

The Prüm family has a rich and ancient history in the mid-Mosel, the preferred growing area in the Mosel, Germany. Here they owned vineyards in the towns of Bernkastel, Graach, Wehlen and Zeltingen since 1156. Under Raimund’s leadership since 1971, the property has earned a reputation as one of the most successful wineries in Germany’s celebrated Mosel wine region.

Raimund shared the rich history of this vineyard with the guests at the dinner and seminar.  He was adament that the quality of his wine comes from the vineyard, not from the cellars.

“Mosel is known around the globe for the steep, slate-covered hills. There is heavy rainfall and at SA Prüm, they age their wines in oak for no longer than two years so as to get the robust opening without that in-your-face oaky funk. The grapes themselves are harvested when they are ripe to over-ripe, making for a relatively late harvest.” – Rachel Cossar

Throughout the evening, guests tasted 7 of SA Prüm’s Riesling selections, paired with delicious and carefully crafted dishes by Chef Daniel Bruce.  After the dinner, Raimund joined guests at Rowes Wharf Bar, where he sipped Riesling with fellow world renowned winemaker, Jean Trimbach.


To read Rachel Cossar’s full article on The Daily Meal, click here.  For additional upcoming Boston Wine Festival dinners (lasting through March 31st), please visit


Dinner Wine Line Up:


Pinot Noir Rose

First Course

2013 Luminance 

2015  Prüm Blue 


Golden Potato Dumplings, Spring Garlic, Apple Smoked Bacon

Second Course

2012 Graacher Domprobst  Grosses Gewächs

2011  Wehlener Sonnenuhr Old Wines      


Crisp Lotus Root, Pea Tendrils, Toi Mui, Roast Shishito Peppers, Tango Mandarin Dressing

Third Course

2009 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese


St. Geronimo Cheese Sauce, Baby Kale, Yellow Carrots

Fourth Course

2004 Graacher Himmelreich Eiswein 




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