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Summer is just around the corner… let’s plan a road trip!

This April School Vacation Week, the Boston Harbor Hotel is taking aspiring young Chefs on a culinary “road trip” across New England.

This afternoon, our young chefs will explore ingredients inherent to each part of our region with Executive Sous Chef Garrett Welch and Pastry Chef Shawn Dresser.  After “visiting” Vermont, Maine and Cape Cod, kids will then learn to create the Chefs’ favorite dishes that are perfect for a summer beach picnic!  From sampling Vermont maple syrup to discovering Maine blueberries and Cape Cod’s cranberry bogs, Chef Welch and Chef Dresser will show the class how to prepare Maine Blueberry “Pop Tarts”, Vermont Maple Syrup Dipped Crispy French Toast Sticks and Cranapple Shaved Ice.

Enjoy photos from our road trip adventure below!


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