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Meritage Restaurant + Wine Bar continues to evolve with a new culinary concept, and a fresh collaboration of talent behind the menu offerings.  Led by Meritage’s founder Chef Daniel Bruce and created by Meritage’s Chef de Cuisine Keith Bombaugh, the menu features contemporary American cuisine and highly creative dishes that are seasonally driven, artistic in nature and tell a story.

Meritage Restaurant + Wine Bar takes the unique approach of matching wine and food with a dynamic, sensory-evoking menu that offers guests an unforgettable culinary experience while simplifying the art of pairing.  With an inherent understanding of flavor, the menu is designed to challenge and entertain guests with dishes that are not only delicious, but whimsical and experiential.

The new menu honors the restaurant’s hallmark of matching wine to food, an art that Chef Bruce is well known for, and showcases Chef Bombaugh’s whimsical culinary approach. His unique approach pulls heavily from his surroundings and how they make him feel. He enjoys working with the Meritage team to bring ideas, concepts and memories to life while presenting dishes in a way that allows guests to feel the emotion behind the food.

“Most often I want the guest to feel a bit of childish happiness and joy when they have finished a course, so logically, I find things in my surroundings that give me that same feeling and do my best to recreate those emotions with the mediums that we have available,” says Bombaugh.

A new Meritage Voyage tasting menu also debuts alongside the newlycreated prix fixe and a la carte menu.  The nine-course Meritage Voyage menu offers diners an experiential exploration of cuisine, culture and wine.  The dining Voyage begins in California and follows the path of how Europeans and the grape vine traveled through South America, France and Italy.

Living by the mantra “always follow your dreams and never compromise”, Keith turned his passion for cooking into his profession when he started with the Barbara Lynch Gruppo in Boston and helped open the acclaimed Menton restaurant.  He then took an opportunity to work at renowned Alinea in Chicago, alongside culinary legend and mentor Grant Achatz.  Keith finished his time at Alinea as sous chef before moving back to Boston.

“Working with Grant was one of the most mind opening experiences any cook could possibly ask for,” explains Bombaugh.  “He unlocked ways to think about food that I didn’t know existed before.”

Chef Bruce and Chef Bombaugh base the Meritage menu on ingredients at the peak of freshness and flavor. Working with unusual and varied ingredients allows each dish on the menu to be unique while simultaneously enhancing the wine’s flavor.  Led by Beverage Director Nicholas Daddona and his team of sommeliers, the wine program at Meritage continues to be known for its extensive and varied collection, offering one of the most comprehensive wine lists in New England.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new chapter of the Meritage experience to our community and our guests. As the culinary scene continues to evolve, our intention is to provide our guests with a one-of-a-kind and truly memorable dining experience.  This new menu does just that.  It is an experience that you will not find anywhere else, and one that will stay with you long after you dine with us.”

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