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The 29th Annual Boston Wine Festival features an all-star lineup of intimate winemaker hosted dinners, seminars, and receptions taking place from January through March. Watch our latest Vlog as Chef Daniel Bruce, founder of the Boston Wine Festival,  shares insight about what is in store for this year’s festival – including who joins the 2018 season sharing flavors from Portugal, Germany, and the Central Coast of California…

Each event hosted by winery owners or makers creates a certain uniqueness that makes no two the same. Chef Daniel Bruce creates food that based around wine flavors, honoring the complexity of wine during this one-of-a-kind festival. He consistently draws in new additions each year from all over the world, making this event one of thrill and expansion into various flavors of culture.

Experience the best of the Nation’s Longest Running Wine and Food Festival through excitement, creation, and exploration all kicking off this Friday, January 12th. As Chef Daniel Bruce says, “Many, many friendships have been formed over the years of the festival. The tables are eight to ten tops, so you’re sitting with people you’ve never met before. And trust me, after five or six glasses of wine and some good food, you have a lot of friends.”

Cheers to the Boston Wine Festival 2018!

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