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The Boston Harbor Hotel team shared a wonderful experience volunteering on our neighboring Rose Kennedy Greenway on June 21st. Our team of volunteers worked alongside the talented and knowledgeable Greenway staff and horticulture team to help with the park’s pruning and weeding. The morning focused on cutting back daffodils, pruning plants and weeding the many beds that line the Greenway park system. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, enjoy the outdoors and support our neighborhood.

The Boston Harbor Hotel team had a great day learning about the Conservancy and all of the work that the organization does as the nonprofit steward of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. We were proud to support our local community in this effort!

Learn about how you can become involved in supporting the Rose Kennedy Greenway here.


About the Rose Kennedy Greenway:

The Rose Kennedy Greenway, a roof garden atop a highway tunnel, is a contemporary public park in the heart of Boston. The non-profit Greenway Conservancy maintains, programs, finances, and improves the 1.5-mile Greenway on behalf of the public.  The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to raising broad-based support to ensure standards of excellence in the design, sustainability and use of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. To secure the Greenway’s future as one of America’s foremost urban parks, the Conservancy will advocate for standards of consistency and excellence in design; manage its operations, working collaboratively to create, finance, promote and coordinate public programs and events; and raise adequate and stable funding to support the long-term sustainability of its public uses.

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